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BWA Overview

Business Workers of America was created and is operated in order to provide charitable events and services, current information and education, resources and services, to small business owners, self -employed individuals, employees and their families.  BWA strives to become an exclusive member organization that will assist its members in improving the success of their business and improving the health, wellness and lifestyles of employee’s daily lives.

Mission and Purpose 

  • Business Workers of America Purpose
    The corporation is organized and shall be operated exc1usively for charitable, educational or scientific purposes including, for such purposes, (a) the fostering and promoting of education and research concerning the advantages and availability of suitable discounted medical, medically related, non-medical and other benefit and service programs in respect of its members; (b) the collection and dissemination of statistics and otter relevant and reliable information, facts and data concerning the benefits, medical issues and other related matters; (c) the location and determination of suitable and appropriate benefits. medical and other related products and services needed and desired by members at efficient and reasonable costs; and (d) the providing of emails, internet websites, media, newsletters, conferences, meetings, seminars, forums and other means of effective communication to members and others concerning the purposes of the corporation.

  • Member Organization
    Business Workers of America is a member organization formed to improve the quality of life for individuals in the United States through education, thus enabling members to overcome the barriers preventing them from obtaining the quality if life intended.   Business Workers of America also has a purpose of providing members with relevant sources of information that can aid the members in making wise choices concerning their well being.

  • Members in Multiple States
    Business Workers of America currently has membership made up of thousands of employees, their families, self-employed individuals and small business owners throughout the United States.  BWA is proud that we can provide services, and information to help promote their business success, and improve the lifestyle of such a diverse membership, coming from so many different parts of the United States. Each member has their own challenges and perspectives.

Commitment, Compassion, Community

  • Quality of Life
    Business Workers of America seeks to improve the quality of life for all individuals by raising community awareness through education and access to information.

  • Outreach Programs
    BWA is a strong advocate for American workers having assess to better preventive and wellness programs.  BWA promotes the importance to small business and employees of preventive wellness information and programs.  One of BWA’s major outreach program is its free membership program offered to workers who qualify.  The program is designed to make available to workers a free membership card that includes a personal WorldDoc wellness web site and fitness program, and a free prescription discount card.  The WorldDoc program includes a personal wellness web site that provides members access to unique health information and resources.  Members can research their own health concerns.  This service provides members with the identification of possible health conditions and professional responses that can be brought to their health care providers.  WorldDoc is an award winning personal health management system that empower people to live healthier lives and reduce health costs. The program is provided at no additional cost per use to the individuals.  BWA, by making this program available to new members at no cost, considers this program very valuable in fulfilling its main association mission and purpose.

    WorldDoc provides members the following features:

    1.  Evaluate their health symptoms
    2.  Identifies possible causes
    3.  Assesses members total health risks
    4.  Researches conditions and treatments
    5.  Provides an extensive physician written library
    6.  Compares medication prices and finds generic alternatives for medications

Professional Administration

  • Administrative Staff
    Business Workers of America contracts an administrative staff to handle management and coordination on behalf of Association members.  This executive team of administrators includes decades of experience from a number of related industries including health, life, property and casualty, real estate, annuities and financial planning, banking, marketing, retail, professional consulting and more.

  • Development of Membership Levels
    Business Workers of America administrators have the responsibility for developing membership levels, enhanced membership products, taking inbound/outbound customer service and sales calls, designing marketing materials, assembling member information kits and much more, executed professionally, accurately and affordably.  The administrators attend various industry conferences each year to stay abreast of changes and new development of products and services that may benefit its members.  In this way, Business Workers of America can offer viable solutions driven by Association member needs.

  • Professional Council
    Business Workers of America retains the council and guidance of a Professional Legal Firms as needed. The firms possess vast previous experience in the area of Association Compliance.

  • Product Development
    Product development and coordination are taken to the next level by assisting the Association with the product development cycle.  Professional administrators provide a complete range of services aimed at exceeding expectations and are supported by an experienced and dedicated organization.

  • Overview of BWA’s Services To Members
    Some of the most valuable services offered to BWA’s Membership includes:

    Small Business Aids

    1.   Tax Solutions and Strategies 
    2.   Banking Programs for Small Business
    3.   Inventory and Cash Flow Financing and Management
    4.   Database Solutions
    5.   Employee Management Aids
    6.   Customer and Employee Relations
    7.   Benefit Solutions to Control Costs and Improve Benefits
    8.   Sales and Marketing Ideals

    Employee Information and Services

    1.   Educational Opportunities
    2.   Educational Financing Programs, Grants and Loans
    3.   Financial Planning
    4.   Health and Benefits Education
    5.   Wellness Programs
    6.   Fitness and Nutritional Programs
    7.   Self-Help and Improvement Programs
    8.   Legal and ID Theft Programs
    9.   Travel and Entertainment
    10.  Family Relation Improvement Aid Resources


    1.   Legal Information Specific to Self-employed
    2.   Tax Information Specific to Self-employed
    3.   Health and Personal Insurance Specific to Self-employed
    4.   Information and Services Available to Small Business Owners and Employees

  • Service Arm
    As with any line of business, an organization’s ability to produce a membership offering is just the first step, but once the membership is offered to its members, the compelling force that drives customer and client retention is the level of support provided to allow for maximum effectiveness of the membership.  To fill that need, Business Workers of America and its administrators have established a service arm to offer customer support for members for the services associated.

  • Systems Management
    In addition to basic support, services provided include member record management, escalated support through certified specialists, custom designed systems to manage customer information, a staff focused on customer retention and a quality assurance department whose focus is to ensure that all sales and support functions work at their optimal best.

Advantages of Membership

  • Verified Member Organization
    Business Workers of America strives to provide an established, verified member organization to both its members as well as the providers seeking to reach out to the unique and diverse Business Workers of America member base.  Business Workers of America further presents an inimitable source of member recruitment through its unique experience and network of marketing entities.

  • Best of the Association Benefits Industry
    The strength of Business Workers of America lies not in just one particular advantage, but instead in the entirety and depth of the organization from membership administration to marketing and enrollment.  Through the example of its works and membership, Business Workers of America represents the best of the association benefits industry.


Business Workers of America