Business Workers of America is a not-for-profit member association established in 2001. The Association currently has membership exceeding 45,000 men, women, and children, located in about 32 States.  The membership is made up of American Workers and their families that actively work in America’s primary industries that drive the American economy and offer prosperity and opportunity to its millions of dedicated workers.


Business Workers of America was established for the purpose of finding ways to benefit American Workers and their families.  This can be accomplished by providing members with valuable consumer information, support of political issues that benefit America’s working class, lifestyle, wellness, and health services, supporting charities and organizations dedicated to helping individuals and families, and offer scholarships, and support for education trade, and skills training for members seeking a new trade or skill to better themselves in their profession.


In order to accomplish our goals the Association is dedicated to building our membership nationwide, and at the same time, increasing our resources through our innovation and hard work so that we can make a difference.   Americans in the workplace are increasingly more and more challenged by Global Competition, and automation, either taking existing jobs or moving many jobs out of our country therefore decreasing traditional manufacturing jobs.  There is an urgent need for American Workers to retrain and educate themselves for the new skills and demands of an ever changing market place.