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Business Workers of America was created and is operated in order to provide it's members with access to information, tools, and programs that will assist them and their families in the quality of their daily lives.


Mission and Purpose 

bulletMember Organization
Business Workers of America is a member organization formed to improve the quality of life for individuals in the United States through education on the importance of health and wellness and enabling members to overcome the barriers preventing them from obtaining quality healthcare. The Associationís purpose is to promote health education and health related advocacy in order to foster, develop and improve the health and wellness of membership and the nation as a whole.  Business Workers of America also has a purpose of providing members with relevant sources of information that can aid the members in making wise choices concerning their well being.
bulletMembers in Multiple States
Business Workers of America currently has membership from multiple states throughout the United States and is approved to hold master insurance policies for group supplemental insurance benefits and limited liability medical insurance products. It also retains contracts for Network Savings as an advantage of membership.
The Association has enjoyed relationships with multiple insurance carriers, benefit providers, Preferred Provider Organizations and special association service providers to offer its members the newest and most innovative member benefit packages available in the country today.

Commitment, Compassion, Community


Quality of Life
Business Workers of America seeks to improve the quality of life for all individuals by raising community awareness through education and access to information. The Association supports efforts by local organizations and leaders to assist the uninsured and underinsured as well as provide wellness education for communities as a whole.

bulletOutreach Programs
Additionally, the Association sponsors outreach programs that supply free prescription network savings at virtually any pharmacy in the nation as well as access to unique health information resources which allow members to research this own health concerns.  This service provides members with the identification of possible health conditions and responses that they can that they can provide to their health providers. These free benefits are distributed throughout communities at no cost to encourage development of healthy lifestyles.

Professional Administration


Administrative Staff
Business Workers of America contracts an administrative staff to handle management and coordination on behalf of Association members.  This executive team of administrators includes decades of experience from a number of related industries including health, life, property and casualty, real estate, annuities and financial planning, banking, marketing, retail, professional consulting and more.

bulletDevelopment of Membership Levels
Business Workers of America administrators have the responsibility for developing membership levels, enhanced membership products, taking inbound/outbound customer service and sales calls, designing marketing materials, assembling member information kits and much more, executed professionally, accurately and affordably.  The administrators attend various industry conferences each year to stay abreast of changes and new development of products and services that may benefit its members.  In this way, Business Workers of America can offer viable solutions driven by Association member needs.
bulletProfessional Council
Business Workers of America retains the council and guidance of a Professional Legal Firm which possess vast previous experience in the area of Association Compliance.
bulletProduct Development
Product development and coordination are taken to the next level by assisting the Association with the product development life cycle.  Professional administrators provide a complete range of services aimed at exceeding expectations and are supported by an experienced and dedicated organization.
bulletService Arm
As with any line of business, an organizationís ability to produce a product is just the first step, but once the product is offered to its members, the compelling force that drives customer and client retention is the level of support provided to allow for maximum effectiveness of the product.  To fill that need, Business Workers of America and its administrators have established a service arm to offer customer support for products, networks and benefit providers associated with Business Workers of America.
bulletSystems Management
In addition to basic support, services provided include member record management, escalated support through certified specialists, custom designed systems to manage customer information, a staff focused on customer retention and a quality assurance department whose sole focus is to ensure that all sales and support functions work at their optimal best.

Advantages of Membership

bulletVerified Member Organization
Business Workers of America strives to provide an established, verified member organization to both its members as well as the providers seeking to reach out to the unique and diverse Business Workers of America member base.  Business Workers of America further presents an inimitable source of member recruitment through its unique experience and network of marketing entities.
bulletBest of the Association Benefits Industry
The strength of Business Workers of America lies not in just one particular advantage, but instead in the entirety and depth of the organization from membership administration to marketing and enrollment.  Through the example of its works and membership, Business Workers of America represents the best of the association benefits industry.


Business Workers of America